after a rough day at college or just a mere tiring day, all i want to say is . . .

i just want to go home and draw bunnies

this, my friend, is an illustration i very much like from an illustrator i very much like too, indeed. the name is alex noriega and you can find some of his works (and other stuff that he posts) here. he has several websites which have his drawings as well. so feel free to explore and have all the fun! it’s just a click away anyway. i like his drawings mostly for its honesty, messages, and colors. some of the remarkable messages from his artworks are:

  • save some time to be lazy. it’s good for you
    which is TRUE! uhm. i think i might overdo it in some ways. but aaaanywaaay šŸ˜€
  • “wait! maybe i am an asshole!”
    danggggg, there it got me! i got a kick outta this one
  • surround yourself with things and people that inspire you
    this one sure is very calming

oh godd i just love his artworks! they’re awesomeeee

anyway, i’m in jakarta currently until sunday. my friends from the interior design studio and i are attending this seminar in jakarta convention center. the seminar will be held in two days, which is today and tomorrow. i attended it today and it was really cool! lots of knowledgeable speakers from different field specializations such as sustainable product design, nanotechnology, branding, and indonesian heritage. there will be a lot more to grasp tomorrow, i betcha. oh, and beside the seminar, there is an exhibition too held in the same place. the exhibition is also way cool! šŸ™‚

when i do stuff like this, i feel like i’m right where i belong. i don’t know how my future will turn out to be, but i like doing what i’m currently doing at the moment, you know. drawing is the thing i can naturally do since i was a little kid. i can tell people that it’s my thing. i like to listen to other people’s problems and give out solutions too (if they want to haha), so that’s probably where i get the idea of designing something. i’m just getting more and more drawn to design.

i hope, in the end, it will do me something good šŸ™‚



Author: dinaaaa

i like traveling, listening to music, and reading books

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