hello again

it’s been almost two weeks since i came back to bandung. things have been great, couldn’t be better. i hang out with friends almost every day and going to dinner together with friends almost every evening, too. i mean, i wrote in the earlier posts that i miss my bandung life so much and everything. but, the thing is, i feel that this town is getting.. emptier and emptier. i don’t know, maybe it’s the fasting season and we all just have two weeks of campus before the big eid holiday and people just cut classes so it feels empty, or maybe it’s because most of my girls still out doing their internships outside bandung, or maybe it’s because i have eaten my early breakfast alone ever since i got in bandung while usually in jakarta i have my family being there for me and such. whatever reasons, this town feels emptier now. it makes me feel.. rather sad.

this will be my last ramadhan in bandung, if i graduate by july next year. but i only get two weeks of college in which most of my friends are still out there doing their internships. well, the two weeks of college before the big holiday is nice, rather. but the absence of my girlfriends, that’s what makes it kind of silent, i guess.

but, on the brighter side, i get to hang out with people outside of my gang. it feels kind of fun, actually, hanging out with different people. it feels nice. it’s like, you’re being made sure that there are more good people around you than you could ever realize, like you can feel you’re coming home even you’re so far away.

i think i’m starting to get a little sentimental because, well, it will be only one year (or less) before i’ll leave bandung. this town has given a lot to me. friendship, life lessons, cool hanging out places, just everything. i will be very, very sad when it’s time for me to leave this town. because all of a sudden it’s the fourth year already. and by the time you’re a senior, everything will move so fast you can’t even recognize it. i want to keep every moment, every bits and pieces there is. i don’t want to lose them.



Author: dinaaaa

i like traveling, listening to music, and reading books

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