being a kid and some other stuff

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do you think our lives should be complicated? i don’t. i think life is basically very honest. it just flows, you know, without any hidden intentions. human makes it complicated. with all the hustle and bustle, all the schedules and deadlines, all the unnecessities. if we look at life as if we were a seven years old looking at a group of colorful balloons, i think that would do it.

i wish i could keep the kid version of myself handy. therefore i just need a few candies or chocolate bars to cheer myself up when the going gets hard.

i’m home right now. i have no internship schedules nor any schedule whatsoever. oh, it feels like pure bliss, i tell ya! just linger around the house all day, watching cables, playing with the cats and hamster, talking with my sister/mom/aunt/dad, listening to music, reading books, et cetera, et cetera. god i love holiday! anyway, i got my motor scooter already for a few weeks now! i tried it yesterday. uh, i just love it. it’s an automatic motor scooter. blue-colored. i named him cameron after cameron mitchell of the glee project. gosh i’m so obsessed with him currently lol. he’s just this very awkward kid who can sing and play guitar so well. how could you not fall in love with a boy like that, huh? plus, his voice is amazing! and he looks super cute. and he seems shy. and he got style. all right, all right. i’m done talking.


cameron mitchell


Author: dinaaaa

i like traveling, listening to music, and reading books

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