morning talk

two girls

“And then, so what if he smokes? If he drinks? If he does a few things that would bother me? I don’t mind being bothered once in a while. It would be.. rather nice, actually, to be bothered by him,” Cassandra, or Cassie rather, stops and sips her hot chocolate. Her roommate, Lily, stares at a blank spot ahead of her and takes one tiny gulp of her black coffee. It is Sunday morning at 9. They just took off from a party that happened last night. It was crowded and loud, not one of those comfy parties with only your inner circles. Both of the young girls don’t usually go to a party like that. But once in a while you got to do something new, right? After all, it’s college. What’s college without one loud crazy party?

Lily just made a tiny sound, like a hum almost, to sign that she’s listening what Casie says. She feels a little dizzy right now. She’s emptying her whole cup of coffee as fast as she can, hoping that her head won’t hurt anymore. It’s been a while since she actually drank that much. Casie didn’t drink that much at last night party, that is why they could get up rather early and then left to grab some breakfast. Both of them are currently sitting on the edge of a fountain, sipping their morning coffee and hot chocolate with one bagel each. A few people pass by, doing the Sunday morning routine like jogging, taking dogs for a walk, and so on. Silence fell upon these two young women now. So naturally, like a drop of dew falls from a leave on the dusk.

Cassie and Lily have been best friends  since the first day they set foot on their dorm room. From that moment on, they knew that they would be friends with each other. That feeling struck them so suddenly they couldn’t even comprehend it, even up to present time. Cassie majors in English Literature, Lily majors in Laws. Cassie likes all things to be beautiful and extraordinary, Lily likes them simple and neat. Cassie’s head is always high up there while Lily keeps hers very real. You could see that there aren’t much things they have in common. But maybe, just maybe, that’s why it is so great for them to be best friends to each other. They take care of each other like sisters.

“I think there are two reasons why we get attracted to people. First, it’s because they are just like us. Second, it’s because they reflect what we want to be but have no guts to,” Lily mumbles a statement. She still can’t shake the dizziness out of her head. She has never been great with hangovers, that’s why she prefers not to have them. But last night something felt different. She felt like she needed to drink. This morning, though, she realizes why she felt that way. Bad break up her ex and she had a few weeks ago. She has been coping with it greatly for the past week. But then she saw her ex-boyfriend showed up in the party with another girl she didn’t know. Lily then just sat down on the corner couch and just emptied can after can. Thank goodness, Cassie was aware with the situation so she decided to stay alert for the night. Lily is not proud of what happened. She doesn’t usually act that way.

“I just like his hazel eyes very much. I don’t even know which one I am, though. He’s not actually a bad boy. He has this slight quality of a bad boy, but isn’t enough to make him pass the boy next door line, if you know what I mean,” Cassie has a bite of the bagel in her hand then drink her hot chocolate. Lily looks at her, “I’m sorry. I just like to make justifications. You know how I am. I didn’t mean to put your situation in a box. It’s just that my head feels a little dizzy. I can’t think very clearly”. Cassie shakes her head, “I can’t believe how many cans you drank up in the party. And it’s amazing how your brain is still functioning this morning”. Lily tries to make a little smile, “I know. It’s also great of me for not throwing up like mad last night, huh? I just went to sleep quietly on that couch. Thank God you stayed sober.”

Then silence again. The sun is starting to go up high. They chew their bagels and drinks from their cups. After they have just finished everything and tossed the cups to the nearest garbage can, they both sit still in the same spot. It looks like they are thinking.

“I think that thing I said earlier was about me, Case. I think my last relationship was the second reason. I got attracted to him because he’s something I would never have the guts to be. He’s always been this guy who goes to every party and comes late to classes and everything. And yet he always gets away with everything. I want to be like that. I don’t want to be neat and punctual and live by the book. I don’t want to be boring,” Lily sets her eyes far away while she’s talking. She almost looks like she is sad. But, no, she is not sad. She is just indifferent.

“Oh, please. You don’t want to be like him, Lil. I know deep inside you don’t. You’re great this way. I’ve learned so much from seeing you being who you are. I’m not sure if you have learned anything from living with me, but, I like how we turn out to be such good friends,” Cassie shrugs her shoulders and looks at Lily with the look of assurance in her eyes. Lily smiles a little. “I’m also learning so much by being best friend with you, you silly girl. But better watch out for this guy, though, Case. You shouldn’t be with someone who’s such a bother for you in the first place. If you don’t think so, well, you know those pillows of yours could handle any amount of tears,” says Lily.

Cassie thinks about it for a while, then talks lightly, “No biggie. I can count on you.”

Then they both get up and leave the fountain for some late morning servings of ice cream.



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i like traveling, listening to music, and reading books

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