Friday night out with the boys


So, last Friday night was spent hanging out with these guys, Reva and Martin. I’ve known them both since 10th grade although i knew them from different places. They went to college together and became friends. Therefore we hang out together, like last Friday night.

We were supposed to hang out in Kemang, but the traffic was so packed that night so we decided to just go to Senayan City. I was so ready to talk and laugh like nothing else mattered. So there I was, Friday night, after work, a little rain, I went to Sency from Kemang with ojek. Not bad, though. I arrived there in just 20 minutes or less.

The guys were already in Pizza Marzano, so I went there, knowing that they must be sitting in the outdoor area. And ta-da! My guess was correct. I sat and we ordered and we talked and we ate while we talked and talked and talked. Basically, we just didn’t stop talking and laughing. We talked about lots of things from movies to politics to travel to recent events. I lost track of what topics we talked about, actually. But that’s when you know that a conversation is great, right? When you lose track of what you’re actually talking about.

The weather was so nice that evening. The rain just stopped so it was a little breezy outside. We could see the Jakarta skyline and the traffic in front of Sency was rather quiet. We actually didn’t mind just sitting in Marzano until late and talked. But we had a plan to watch a movie so we decided to do it anyways. We then watched 5cm at like 10 PM. Martin and I had watched it but not Reva. It was a totally good movie for me so I didn’t mind watching it the second time. Martin didn’t mind either. So we went to the cinema and watched it.

The movie was still hilarious when you watched it the second time! Martin and I still laughed maniacally when funny stuff happened. I felt like the three of us was the noisiest group in the cinema because we laughed hysterically (often), whispered to each other (every time), and even in the silent scenes we went giggly (always)! It’s like we’re a group of teenage girls talking about boys! Lol.

It was around midnight when the movie ended. We sat on the bench outside the mall and talked until like 1 AM. I think we talked about traveling or tv series, I kind of forgot.We stayed on the bench for a while and just enjoyed the rest of our night. Then we took cabs back home. I shared a cab with Martin and Reva went solo. Our boys night out then officially ended.

It was really nice meeting those guys. I mean, after a long week of work I feel like I need to be with people around my age. Just to feel sane, you know. I mean, my bosses and co-workers are cool as hell but sometimes I just want to be with people I’ve known from a long time who get me without questioning. It’s actually kind of interesting that I firstly met both of them in a kind of leadership programs. I knew Reva from when we were just about to go to USA for a scholarship exchange program. And I knew Martin from when we both were to enter the Student Body of our high school. I didn’t even think that I would be hanging out with those two at the same time but then, hey, here we are. I’m happy that the three of us are hanging out now! 🙂

Happy holiday everybody!



Author: dinaaaa

i like traveling, listening to music, and reading books

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