Tidung Island, Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta, Indonesia

I got inspired by a travel blog I read yesterday. So, I decided to put pictures I took from my travels from the past few years. These ones were taken in Tidung Island, Kepulauan Seribu. We went there in March 2013. Reaching Tidung took about 3 hours from Muara Angke harbor. The island was divided into two smaller islands: Tidung Besar (Big Tidung) and Tidung Kecil (Little Tidung) connected by a bridge called Jembatan Cinta (The Bridge of Love. Yeah, yeah, yeah. As cheesy as it might sound. Whatever, though!). We also went to several other neighbor islands to play in the water and snorkel. We watched sunrise and sunset, some of us tried the water sports available, we biked, ate a lot of seafood. It was fun! I found a tour that gave a discount fare through a website, so we only had to pay IDR 295,000 or so for the whole package. Pretty sweet bargain for a sunny weekend getaway off shore the busy bee Jakarta!










Author: dinaaaa

i like traveling, listening to music, and reading books

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