Sawarna, Banten, West Java, Indonesia

Sawarna village is located in the south coast of Banten, West Java. Facing the Hindia Ocean, it’s impossible for people to swim on the beach because the waves are gigantic (it can go up to 5 m or more at times). The reefs are big and sharp, too. Even though swimming is mostly prohibited, the views are so pretty you can hardly look away from it.

I went to Sawarna in June 2013. This was one of those impulsive and not-thoroughly-planned trips I made. I saw a considerably priced weekend gateaway package on the internet and since none of my friends were willing to go (financial matter, etc, etc) I decided to just go for it. Turned out, it was fun and refreshing! I met a bunch of ladies who went in the same tour package as I was and it was just a very girlish weekend! The thing about traveling on your own was, even though you went with a tour, there was nothing to hold you back. When I wanted to know more about the area we walked through, I just roamed closely around the tour guide; when I wanted to socialize, I talked with the girls and had a good laugh; when I wanted to enjoy myself, I walked by my own pace and just absorbed things. It was great.











Author: dinaaaa

i like traveling, listening to music, and reading books

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