Williamsport & Linden, Pennsylvania, USA

These are my second hometowns, Linden and Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I spent a school year here as a high school senior.  I was born and raised in a capital city in Indonesia, so it was a relieve when I was placed in a small town USA. My host family house is perfect in every way! It’s a big, pretty wooden house surrounded by hills. There’s this hill next to our house that I liked a lot. I climbed up there a few times when I was there this summer. The view was very pretty from up there! It was very quiet, too. I wish we had that kind of place in Jakarta (which is impossible). It was nice when I was back. I accompanied my host dad running errands in town, watched DVDs with my host brothers, met up with friends and people I hadn’t seen in years, visited places I missed. It was just a very, very nice time. I wish I could stay longer but my then bosses wouldn’t let me (they were generous enough to give 10 days off work for me to visit USA on holiday). Oh, my host family got a dog a year after I went back home. Her name is Rosie and is a golden retriever. She is such a sweetheart! I walked her and took her to the hill next to our house. I went to a creek to bathe her too with my host dad. All in all, summer in small town USA is a summer nicely spent!














Author: dinaaaa

i like traveling, listening to music, and reading books

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