Ted Mosby & Happier Things

Part 1: Ted Mosby


A dear friend of mine said, “Listen to me. You are like Ted Mosby because every time you have to go through tough times, you are surrounded by wonderful friends”.

The thing about being together with someone is, it can be a very easy way for us to lose ourselves. Being defined by our relationship with a significant other might be nice for a bit, but then it gets to the point where it’s mostly just a dependency problem, you know. Because, you see, we compromise when we’re together with someone. Love is blind is not a joke. Sometimes we sacrifice things that are important to ourselves so that a relationship can work. But, before that happens, we need to know our values, interests, and ourselves first before we agree to commit to a certain somebody. We need to know what things can be compromised and what can not. That is important, ladies!

I feel like I’ve been talking too much lol. Just bear with me, this post isn’t over just yet.

Part 2: Happier Things


Anyway, anyway, anyway, on a much lighter note, I GOT 8 OUT OF 9 ON MY IELTS TEST YOU GUYSSSS. HA! I didn’t even go to classes! How cool is that? I picked up the result yesterday at IDP Jakarta. I was expecting the worst, since I didn’t think I did very well on my listening and writing comprehension. But then I got 8. 8 out of 9 is pretty dang good, especially when you took a test for the first time and were pretty sure you got at least 10 answers wrong. The Universe has its way to show your worth when you least expected it, turns out.

This March is full of music, art, and movie gigs! I’ll go out with a friend next week for a weekend music gig downtown, and a week after that there’s another music gig also downtown. Also, there’ll be an art event in which some of my friends from university exhibit their artworks and in that art event there’ll be a movie festival, too. Sooooo many things to see! I’ll go to a music gig in Skye with a fashion presentation from Roberto Cavalli. How great is that?



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i like traveling, listening to music, and reading books

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