Can’t sleep tonight. Strange. Indulging myself with some Jake Bugg and scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard. It’s less than two months before my leaving for Italy. I don’t know, man. I just read a tweet of a really good friend of mine who is abroad right now and it’s like.. I want to have my life in Milan all figured out and just settle the fuck down pronto! This whole waiting thing is annoying. I get all restless and shit and can’t even do something about it. I mean, ugggh just fast forward to three months from now or something!

I’m done reading Hemingway. His writing is so, so good! As I told a dear British friend of mine “His writing is simple and quiet, but strangely it gives dimension to the story”. My host dad from USA told me he had an intense Hemingway phase when he was in high school. I got the book from him, actually. Gosh, I can’t wait to read another Hemingway. I’m trying to get one here and bring it to Milan, maybe. English books are freaking expensive here, gosh dang.

Currently I’m reading Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. I borrowed the book from a friend like a couple of months ago but haven’t gotten to read it until today. So the book is basically like looking through the backstage of life. It’s interesting. I gobbled like 70 pages just in a day! I think I can finish it off by tomorrow.

I’m almost through with Dr. Who season 2 now. Fuck it, Rose will be gone! I love her! I can’t even imagine the show without her! It’s like the whole Chris Eccleston is gone all over again. I just can’t! Dr. Who has shredded my heart into a million pieces at least once and another one is coming right up.

A lot of things keep buzzing back and forth in my mind right now and they are all mixed up with the sweet and rough voice of Jake Bugg. Gosh, I love him. I can hear my sister playing the violin rather vaguely from the next room. Maybe it’s time to go to bed after all.



Vietnam Trip


I am stranded in Changi again until 6.40 PM local time today when I will have a flight to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. Those are the only things I bring along in this solo 10-days trip: one backpack and one purse. I left my backpack at the luggage station so I don’t have to carry it around with me all the time. It’s pretty heavy. I can’t wait until I get to Vietnam and explore places!


Harapan Island, Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta, Indonesia

I went there in September 2013. I found a weekend gateaway package (I know, I know. My life actually consisted of weekend getaways back then) for a very cheap price, I think it was IDR 285k per person or something. Harapan Island is located about 4 hours by boat from Muara Angke harbor. It is definitely farther away off shore Jakarta than Tidung. I went there with friends. We went to many islands around Harapan: Dolphin, Gusung, Perak, Bulat, Macan, and also Matahari Island. We tried out local street food at night in the nearby food center, too. We had delicious grilled corns and squids. It was a lot of fun! I didn’t take that many pictures because I was busy swimming and snorkeling. My skin got so tanned after I got back (Yeah, I didn’t think I could get more tanned either. But, I did. Not necessarily a bad thing, though. I think tanned skin is sexy). The photos are a bit hazy but oh well!








Ted Mosby & Happier Things

Part 1: Ted Mosby


A dear friend of mine said, “Listen to me. You are like Ted Mosby because every time you have to go through tough times, you are surrounded by wonderful friends”.

The thing about being together with someone is, it can be a very easy way for us to lose ourselves. Being defined by our relationship with a significant other might be nice for a bit, but then it gets to the point where it’s mostly just a dependency problem, you know. Because, you see, we compromise when we’re together with someone. Love is blind is not a joke. Sometimes we sacrifice things that are important to ourselves so that a relationship can work. But, before that happens, we need to know our values, interests, and ourselves first before we agree to commit to a certain somebody. We need to know what things can be compromised and what can not. That is important, ladies!

I feel like I’ve been talking too much lol. Just bear with me, this post isn’t over just yet.

Part 2: Happier Things


Anyway, anyway, anyway, on a much lighter note, I GOT 8 OUT OF 9 ON MY IELTS TEST YOU GUYSSSS. HA! I didn’t even go to classes! How cool is that? I picked up the result yesterday at IDP Jakarta. I was expecting the worst, since I didn’t think I did very well on my listening and writing comprehension. But then I got 8. 8 out of 9 is pretty dang good, especially when you took a test for the first time and were pretty sure you got at least 10 answers wrong. The Universe has its way to show your worth when you least expected it, turns out.

This March is full of music, art, and movie gigs! I’ll go out with a friend next week for a weekend music gig downtown, and a week after that there’s another music gig also downtown. Also, there’ll be an art event in which some of my friends from university exhibit their artworks and in that art event there’ll be a movie festival, too. Sooooo many things to see! I’ll go to a music gig in Skye with a fashion presentation from Roberto Cavalli. How great is that?


New York City, New York, USA

I went to the States for three weeks (more or less) in August 2013. I went to New York City, Upstate New York, and my host town in Pennsylvania. I’m going to divide my USA trip into three parts, one for each place I went to. I might add one or two other parts but I’ll decide about it later. Enjoy the post!

I hadn’t been in USA for six years. SIX FREAKING YEARS! My gosh, you have no idea how much I missed the States! When I was there six years ago, I went pretty much everywhere from Chicago to Florida so last summer I didn’t plan to roam around the United States. My plan was to have quality time with my host family and relax. But since my plane arrived at JFK International Airport, I thought I’d take a look around the Big Apple. My host dad picked me up from JFK and we stayed in Brooklyn for three days. This was my second time going to New York City (or, as New Yorkers call it, the City). Still amazed me every time. We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim museum, the Jewish museum, Central Park (or the Park, as New Yorkers call it), the Brooklyn Bridge (or the Bridge, as Brooklyn people call it), and a few local restaurants.

I enjoyed walking around Manhattan and taking subway by myself. At one point, when I was waiting for a train in a subway station, a girl approached and asked me for direction. She thought I was a New Yorker! Not going to lie, I’m pretty smug about it still. Anyway, I want to confirm about the so-called unfriendly New Yorkers. When I walked around NYC by myself, I asked people for direction and whatnot a lot. By a lot I mean more than three times. Fortunately for me, people kindly gave feedback and I was able to get to my destinations. A few tips about getting around in NYC: 1. Don’t bring out big map. Put your destination names and addresses on a journal 2. Always ask a female 3. When asking for directions, be confident with your English even though you might think your English sucks. Believe me, those three work wonder. Exhibit A: Me.

Ah, New York. I will always miss you when we’re away from each other!